About us

Andrew and Nancy specialise in growing edible plants that grow specifically and abundantly in the Brisbane Suburban area and teach home gardeners to succeed as organic edible food gardeners.


Nancy Kent

Having worked as a Sustainability Consultant and Educator, Nancy knew that one of the most positive ways she could    make a difference was to grow food organically and teach others to do the same. As a cancer survivor her journey to a healthier, more fullfilling life has led her to a lifestyle where she can now share her gardening knowledgeand experiences with with many individuals and families at The Inspiration Garden in Morningside.

Andrew Kent

Andrew’s passion for a sustainable future for the world has led to applying his knowledge of soil science in developing a process to transform deficient earth into nutrient-rich and viable soil using the simplest and most effectivive methods for home gardeners. As the co-founder of The Inspiration Garden, Andrew concentrates on practical methods of organic gardening.

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